halong bay cruise

Want to lose yourself then Halong Bay Cruise is the best option for you. Get into the best hotel on the water and experience the luxury. Live it a little longer by watching the sunset in this jungle island. This place will offer high-quality meals. Enjoy your cruise at Halong Bay.

golden bridge vietnam

Welcome to the fantasy universe, as Golden Bridge is supported by two gigantic hands to provide a spectacular view. Its unique structure and beautiful scenery make the golden bridge hands more like Hands of God. Walking through the bridge fills you through the sensation of divinity.

dry nur waterfall vietnam

A major tributary to Mekong river, Dry Nur waterfalls is a picturesque view, Dry Nur View, consists of three levels of lakes, it represents the three-levels of hierarchy, in the first level water is shallow you can swim, the second lake is sharp and has rocks while the third one is quiet and deep so that you can relax. From this lake walking along the rock bank, there is a cave which has a panoramic view of the waterfall.

cu chi tunnel tour

An immense network of tunnel Cu chi tunnel underlies much of the country. This place was the location for several military campaigns. These tunnels helped the government to counter American military efforts. It is turned into a war memorial park, which is a popular tourist attraction. The visitors are invited to crawl as a fun activity.

bai dinh trang pagoda

This place is famous for its king-size imposingness, located behind a range of limestone mountains In Gia Sinh, this is a beautiful and popular tourist attraction. There are four statues of Buddha which are considered as the pride of Vietnam. Visit this place to find your inner peace and the presence of Buddha.

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