walking street

A toast to Thailand, walking street is an experience to share. Walking Street is an entertainment and red-light district in the city of Pattaya, Thailand. The colors, the neon lights and the performances will bowl over you from miles. You will find your bliss, once you visit the amazing walking street.

under water world

The most exciting aquarium of Pattaya, a slice of the deep ocean shore and silver sandy beaches to the shallow rock pool. Enjoy live shows and real-time actions. Discover the riches of the deep world oceans and amaze yourself with entertaining hours.

sriracha tiger zoo

Srichara Tiger Zoo Opened in the 90s, this place is an adventurous spot divided into four horizons: talent show zone, tiger breeding zone, crocodile zone and animal zone. The main attraction is cub feeding, which showcases cubs and piglets feeding in the same cage. In some cages, you can also feed the cubs. The zoo has tigers, elephants, crocodiles and pig shows.

snorkling tour

A Southeast Asian country known for its tropical beaches, has azure water and some picturesque locations. It offers a strong luxurious coastline and a vibrant color line. Lush green tropical coasts and coral gardens make Thailand a diver’s paradise.

ripley show

An exhibition of amazing and surprising artifacts from all around the globe. It displays some originals and some replicas accompanied by English and Thai labels. You can witness interactive displays like a scale to check your weight on moon,The man of chains who was under self-imposed punishment, Vitellius, Roman emperor, known for excessive eating, a half-ton man and the tallest man that ever lived, next to the dwarf man locked up in a small cage who was only 17 inches. Believe it or not, this show will tinge your nerves, as it features 300 exhibits. It is designed to balance various strange and beautiful elements.

pattaya floating market

A walk through the hundred of wooden houses made in different styles which are pleasant to watch. Highlights to this place include noodle soups, pad thai and different curries. Thai handicrafts are much of attraction to this place. The wood carving museum displays beautifully carved images, sunflower and agriculture are the best for photography


Thailand is most famous for its tropical destinations such as islands, tropical beaches, shrines and temples. You can enjoy many water sports here. Thailand welcomes many tourists all the time from all over the globe. The best time to visit this most calming country is from November to February. The best places for parasailing here are: Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, Karon Beach and Coral Island.

mini siam

The park is famous for 100 replicas of world-famous sites. Founded in 1985 this place is famous for its miniature master pieces. The manicured grounds and man-made sculptures make it a unique and global village.

maeklong railway market

What makes it unique is that it has a train running track on which the trains pass several times a day. Makelong’s market is a famous traditional market famous for selling vegetables and fruits in the Southwest province of Bangkok. The train passes directly through the market. The most amazing thing about this sight is that nothing gets broken or damaged. This place is also called Talat rom hop which means umbrella pull down market as a warning bell rings every time the train has to pass and the shop fronts are shifted back from the rails to let the train pass.


gems gallery

The jewellery created by the craftsmen will mesmerize you. The best Thai craftsmen have shown their best of skills in presenting you the jewellery. You cannot stop yourself from buying a Gem as a souvenir from Pattaya.

coral island

Lose yourself to the blue water, away from every hustle. This place is no less than a paradise. Also known as the Koh Larn, this beach is 7.5 km away from the west Pattaya beach. The tourists can easily go to this place and spend most of their time amid the calming water.

budha temple

Between Pattaya and Jomtien beach, you can visit the 18 meter long Buddha’s statue smiling over you from behind the trees. Wat phira Yai is the oldest in the region and was built in 1940. The big Buddha temple is the most famous among the tour groups to see the marvel of the designs.

ASIATIQUE the Riverfront

This place successfully merges the two popular shopping experiences: the mall and the night bazaar. The once hustling international trade port has transformed into a huge replica of a warehouse with over 1500 boutiques and 40 restaurants. You will surround yourself with entertainment, nightly highlights and Thai puppet shows.

art in paradise

A fun and fresh take on art gallery gives a fresh dimension to art and 3D art that is interactive and funny. Through very thoughtful and clever use of shading borders, it gives an image that animals are smashing through the walls. This gallery has 100 pieces of art.

alcazar show

It is rightly said if you wish to see lady boys you can visit tiffany but if you wish to see a great show, switch over to Alcazar show. Beautifully dressed lady boys and spectacular stage sets delight you from within. From the Russian stage and K-pop, with these beautiful lady boys, you will worth your money with Alcazar.


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