twin tower

It is one of the tallest buildings in the world and the most beautiful tourist attraction. This 88 storey building is inspired by the Islamic architecture. Twin towers host not only malls and parks but also the Petronas Art Gallery. One of the most significant places to visit at twin towers is Petrosains Science Centre which exhibits interactive sessions about the petroleum industry.


Penang Island is the magic bag that carries so many wonders in it. It is an island and province along Malaysia’s northwest coast. This magical place welcomes millions of visitors every year. Many visitors visit Penang to get lost in the colonial era’s British fort–declared as world heritage by UNESCO.

langkawi island

Surrounded by Turquoise water, it is made up of 99 islands along Malaysia’s west coast. This place is surrounded by beautiful fields and jungle-clad hills. This place offers duty-free alcohol, cigarettes and chocolates. It also offers the best diving opportunities for exciting holidays.

johor bahru

A Malaysian town with 90% of Malai population where you can find stunning malls, bars and eateries. This place offers a good wide range of historic and cultural sites many of which belong to the British cultural period. This place is famous for its eateries as it serves the delicious local street food and bakeries. You can visit the zoo, Chinese temples Istana Besar and Kwong Swiew Gallery.

genting highland

Genting is 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur and is the most popular vacation spot in the country. It is a well-known hill station. One of the best reasons to visit this place is its fresh wild calm wind and the indoor-outdoor theme park. Another great aesthetic of Genting heights is that you can go trekking in the surrounding area to nearby waterfalls and mountains.

Batu Caves

This is the most frequently visited tourist attraction, a limestone hill made up of three major caves. This place is 11 Km away from KualaLumpur and has interior formations which are said to be million years old. One of the caves, the Cathedral Cave is the most popular cave in Batu Caves, it is said to be the house of many Hindu shrines.

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