the dubai mall

Home to the shopping festival, Dubai Mall, that redefines luxury is one the biggest destinations for shopping. You can find anything from hotels, restaurants to attractive offers. Located next to Burj Khalifa, the mall is popular for branded goods and clothes in particular with 550 retail outlets and a lifetime experience.

Ski Dubai

The most beautiful place located inside the Mall of the Emirates. This is the world’s third-largest indoor ski slope.  Encountering snow king and ghetto penguins waddling march to your ski is the sight to behold.

miracle garden

Miracle Garden is one such fine display of colours in the form of flowers. Every year from mid-November to May, scents and colours come to your way. This incredible place is the best tourist attraction. Miracle garden is providing its state of art services and facilities. It has an open room, ablution facility and a first aid room. This beautiful garden is the world’s biggest natural garden with 60 different varieties of flowers which includes petunias, marigold and geraniums. The main attractions to Miracle garden are umbrella passage, floral castle, Micky mouse and big teddy bear.

Marina dhow cruise

In this luxurious city of Dubai, Marina dhow show is another delight. Dubai Marina is a man-made canal, which is a delight in many ways. Dubai Marina has its vibrant visitor offers for a magical experience. You can enjoy the refreshing breeze, cycling, fishing and shopping centre. You can see live encounters that can make your trip more exciting. Marina dhow show is the best place for sightseeing with your friends and family. If you are interested in exploring new parts of Dubai, Marina dhow cruise is the cruise for you. It includes two hours of cruising in the heart of Dubai with five-star hotels and a view of Atlantis. It includes International buffet dinner, old Arabic music, Tanura Dance and refreshments.

Ferrari world

The first-ever branded Ferrari theme park celebrates the passion for racing. Its iconic structure offers high adrenaline rides featuring the world’s fastest roller coaster. Ferrari world offers a unique experience for every age. A destination unlike any other offers the most exciting attractions, events and concerts. Here you can experience life to its fullest.

Desert safari

Among all the wonders of Dubai, nothing defines Dubai better than desert safari. Dubai is sprawled with endless dessert filled with sand dunes. It is a fun experience that gives you a chance to see the desert life. From sand dunes to desert camps, Arabian food and sand hoarding, there is a lot to do with Desert safari.  Your desert safari can be filled with adventure, entertainment, belly dance and much more.

Atlantis palm

Atlantis palm a majestic resort is known for its richness and magnificence. If you love richness and uniqueness then this place is for you. Palm Atlantis offers both adventure and chills. Just step in for a new experience that you have never experienced. Based on the theme of Arabian culture this place is best for a tourist visit. Atlantis Palm offers two faces: palm faces and blue oceans, the rooms are differently priced giving a different view of day and night with sparkling Dubai skyline, and an endless ocean which is completely dark in the night. The resort is luxurious in the underwater suite the ceiling has 6500 marine animals which form the magical view.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Dubai is famous for its extravagant life, luxury shopping, buildings and nightlife. A living Wonder, Burj Khalifa, is the tallest building, rising gracefully depicting extraordinary art and cautious craftsmanship. One of the biggest attraction to the travellers today, it has 163 stories with modern architecture. The most amazing ride to Burj khalifa is its longest single running elevator. The speed of the elevator is 10m/sec which makes it the fastest in the world. It takes you to the 124th floor in just one minute. If you want to have a city view, Burj Khalifa is the place right for you.

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