trek waterfall

Cambodia is popular among tourists for a million reasons. This place displays the best of its culture to its tourists. The soft waterfall is surrounded by greenery on all its side. The journey to the trek waterfall has a wide view of beautifully flowing water from every angle.

kompong Floating market

Cambodia is the most beautiful place to visit in every aspect, be it for its temples or the waterfalls. In Cambodia what takes the centre stage in the international spotlight is the famous Kompong floating market which is the epic market of joy.


cambodian circus

Among many, the Cambodian circus is much of the attention. The very famous performers entertain to the best of their capability. A bit more than a conventional circus Cambodian circus focuses on subtle art and a message.

buddha head cambodia

Initially it was believed to represent Lord Brahma but later it was established by a thought of Buddhism by king Jayavarman. It is an architectural splendour among its admirers. The most distinctive aspect of Buddha’s head is its massive and smiling appearance which is an unusual combination of mystical and mythological marvel. Visit to any place in Cambodia will bring the sophistication of the Khmer empire. This historic monument signifies the image of Angkor which brings charm to its visitors.


Originally built as a Hindu temple, it was converted to Buddha’s temple in the 12th Century by King Suryavarnam which makes it an architectural marvel of the world. It adds much to the tourist attraction. The heart of the temple has many symbolic paintings of Lord Vishnu at the top. This place attracts many devotees as it is a perfect blend of Hinduism and Buddhism. Listen to the legends of Angkor war from the locals and enjoy the serenity of the largest religious monument in the world far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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